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HVAC systems plays a central role in all modern homes and commercial buildings. Our ongoing support helps to ensure reliable operation year after year. If you want to keep your system in perfect running order and minimize the money spent on electricity bills, preventative maintenance is critical. Book a maintenance call today!

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Our reliable HVAC systems are an important part of modern life, especially when you live in a warm climate.

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Indoor Air Quality

Optimizing ventilation systems with effective sanitation systems could be the key control point for eliminating airborne germs before they spread.

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Clean Air Pros’ UV disinfection system, the APCO-X, Is a whole-space solution to significantly improve indoor air quality by eliminating airborne contaminants.

Installed directly inside your central air unit, the APCO-X, is effective in residential and in commercial settings because it attaches directly to your central air system.


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Conventional filtration systems only eliminate a third of air pollutants, and are effective against dust particles alone! Our APCO-X UV light for HVAC system: Sterilizes biological pollutants including viruses and microbes. In addition it, eliminates airborne allergens like mold and neutralizes odor caused by chemical compounds.



On warm summer days or cold winter months when forced air is a must. Homeowners and business owners alike could benefit from a system that keeps their indoor air cleaner.

When HVAC systems kick-on, they circulate respiratory droplets and aerosols that contain airborne contaminants. Optimizing ventilation systems with effective sanitation systems could be the key control point for eliminating airborne germs before they spread.

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on how public health, engineering and ventilation experts alike are in agreement that neutralizing forced air from HVAC systems could significantly improve air quality indoors.


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The APCO-X is the best UV light for HVAC systems on the market today.

  • With its sleek design, the unit is installed by a contractor and flows HVAC air through sterilizing UV light before it is released in your space
  • The unit combines proprietary technology to safely reduce odor causing organic and biological contaminants
  • Receiving the UL environmental claim validation that identifies systems that emit zero ozone, the unit is listed in the UL SPOT database of sustainable products.


Eliminates Airborne Germs

Antimicrobial nanotechnology and UV-C light reduce biological contaminants

Whole-Space Effective

Attaches directly to HVAC systems for effectiveness throughout your home or office

Reduce dust and HVAC mold

Optional secondary UV light and Purity Low Profile polarized filter eliminate airborne dust and keeps HVAC coil free of mold

Attacks Odors & toxic VOCs

Proprietary EverCarbon™ cells neutralize odors caused by chemicals and volatile organic compounds